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Hello! A very warm welcome to my web page, Rose Tint Your Life. Rose Tint Your Life is a holistic health concept. Lifestyle is about how YOU choose to live your life. The choices that you make about diet, conscious relaxation, sleep habits, and social life have a direct impact on how much you enjoy your life.

Rachel Rose Holistic Health practitioner

Feeling good in your own body, feeling at ease, reducing pain, laughing, enjoying the little moments… all these things knit together to create the tapestry of your life. This is holistic health care – an all-around approach to taking care of yourself.

You deserve to live without pain. You deserve to enjoy your life. You work hard and life can grind you down a little. Invest in yourself with holistic health care. Whether you live in Altea, you come on holiday or you would like an online session, I am here to help you. Just drop me a line from the contact page, or better yet, send me a Whatsapp (the symbol is in the lower right corner of your screen) and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

(Please note: when I am working, I don’t pick up the phone, ever. That means that you might have to wait for a reply. But, I will grant you the same courtesy and NEVER take time away from your appointment to answer the phone. Promise 🤞🏻🤞🏻)

Life takes it out of you, massage and yoga put it back!

You probably arrived here looking for holistic health care, massage, or yoga in Altea. In my lovely, quiet, relaxing therapy room (just around the corner from the Town Hall, 100 meters from the new Altea beach), I offer massage, bodywork, yoga, wellness, or help with stress, anxiety, or general relaxation. If so, you’re in the right place. I hope that I can help!

I treat people, not pathologies.

Rachel Rose Holistic Health Care practitioner

Massage, yoga, and stress management all form a part of holistic health self-care. It is not so much about curing a pathology as healing our whole self – body, and mind. Bodywork brings us back to ourselves. We remember just how good it feels to relax.

Curing vs. Healing

There is a difference between curing and healing. Curing implies interventions that actually make a pathology no longer noticeable. Most medical interventions focus on curing. Surgical excision of a tumor, for example, is a cure (we hope!)

Healing, on the other hand, does not imply liberation from a pathology. In fact, there are pains that don’t have a name but exist nevertheless. How many times have you heard people complain that they have “this pain” but the doctors cannot figure out what it is? They may make repeated visits to the GP or specialists, but diagnostic techniques are inconclusive. And yet…the pain persists, it is real. This is the kind of thing that holistic health practitioners work with.

Not only can massage and yoga reduce the severity of pain, but they can help to change our relationship to the pain. This is holistic health care – a multi-tasking approach to self-care.

Pain Management

Pain is a phenomenon of the Central Nervous System. Although we experience pain in the body, it is the nerves that transmit sensations to the brain. It is well known that different people have different pain thresholds. It is also clear pain management in the medical community is still poorly understood. Even the best medics will admit that.

Think about the opioid crisis that has ravaged America for the past twenty years. Millions of people are addicted to powerful pain medication. When you dig a little deeper, you see that most of them started taking that medication because of genuine pain. After a car crash, a workplace injury, a traumatic birth.

It doesn’t have to be opioids, either. Alcohol, whilst enjoyable, is a neurotoxin. It is both a pain reliever and a muscle relaxant. Before we had anesthetic, if you needed a tooth pulled, you would have had a slug of whiskey. Alcohol is a socially acceptable form of pain relief which sadly creates other different kinds of pain. From hangovers to domestic violence and drunk driving, alcohol is a destructive solution to pain management.

I am not against drinking, by the way. I am for holistic health care. It is clear that we need to manage our pain through holistic health care, and I am absolutely convinced that bodywork, yoga, and breathing are the keys.

How I healed my hip

Rachel Rose Tint Your Life standing yoga pose

A little anecdote about me: I was born with a twisted femur bone and a shallow hip socket. My right foot was turned in, I had orthopedics as a child, and as I grew up I began to experience deep, relentless pain in my right hip. No matter how much I stretched, lifted weights, or cycled, there it was. I had to be treated in hospital at the age of 23 because my hip had gone into spasm. I could not walk, I was in unbearable pain and the doctor was kind enough to say “by the time you’re 50, you will need a hip replacement”.

Well, I turn 50 this year and my right hip is fine! I have almost no pain, it is super stable, and more than anything I LOVE MY LEG! I cured most of the pathology but more importantly, I HEALED my relationship to the pathology. It is part of me, it put me on my path, I was born with it and will take it to my grave. And you know what? I even learned to love my pain.

My training


I have been giving massages for twenty years, since 2002. I specialised in several holistic healthcare modalities. These are Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, fascial massage, hot stone massage, oncology massage and manual lymphatic drainage.

Nutritional Therapy, Chemistry, and Biology

As well as all that, I am qualified in Nutritional Therapy, and hold a University degree in Chemistry and Biology.


To round it out, I am a yoga teacher with 22 years of practice and thirteen years of teaching.

But, more than anything, I think that I am a nice person, and I know that I truly care about every person who trusts my hands. The body is the temple of the soul. It holds everything – the memories, the hurts, the impressions, the pleasures. The body deserves to be cared for, protected, and preserved. That is what massage is for.

More to come

In the meantime, please check out my Alteayoga with Rachel Rose page.

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