Autobiography in Five Short Chapters

1. I walk down the street. There is a deep hole in the pavement. I fall in. I am lost…I am hopeless. It isn’t my fault. It takes forever to find a way out.

2. I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk. I pretend I don’t see it. I fall in again. I can’t believe I’m in the same place. But it isn’t my fault. It still takes a long time to get out.

3. I walk down the same street There is a deep hole in the sidewalk I see it is there. I still fall in…it’s a habit. My eyes are open I know where I am It is my fault I get out immediately.

4. I walk down the same street. There is a deep hole in the sidewalk I walk around it.

5. I walk down a different street.

I first came across the Autobiography in Five short Chapters around the turn of the century. I read it in Sogyal Rinpoche’s “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying”. It had a strong and an immediate impact on me, and I have since used to whenever I am trying to detect patterns in my life and in myself. Which is, kind of, always.

Patterns are like waves on the shore, they crash and recede, then crash again. If the wind is blowing a certain way, there may be more debris floating on the surface. If it is stormy, the waves may be destructive. If it is calm, they waves may only lap at the shoreline. But the waves keep coming.

Most of us live like on Repeat. We get some ingrained habits when we are young, then never question them. They can be useful – brushing your teeth. And they can be toxic – narcissists, for example, are formed, not born. The reason that the Autobiography in Five Short Chapters is so useful is twofold:

Firstly, it shows us the cyclical nature of our problems. Then, it shows us that we are responsible for behaviour that repeats.

This resonates particularly strongly with me because of my penchant for independence. I believe that the point of living is to be(come) free. Freedom is about making good choices even when no one is looking. It is about walking down another damn street, making that change and getting the hell out of the rut. You are simply NOT free as long as you are on auto-pilot. Truth.

So, every time you catch yourself going round and round again in that same old loop, STOP! read the Autobiography in Five Short Chapters and ask yourself “Which chapter am I on?”

I have done this many times, answering myself “oh, 4” and then a year or two later, I repeat, and I ask myself “Which chapter am I on?” and maybe this time I am a little more humble and say “maybe 3?”

Change takes time, deep change takes forever, but you get there slowly and one day you find yourself WALKING DOWN A DIFFERENT STREET. And then, you’re free. Well, free of that habit at least.

A fundamental part of my philosophy of Renaissance 2.0 is the idea of personal responsibility for one’s health and happiness. But, in contrast to some of the anti-maskers in the Wellness world, although I advocate personal responsibility, I also advocate for collective responsibility. In fact, the roots of my understanding of anarchism is that we are at once personally responsible and socially/collectively responsible. These shared duties are the cornerstone of a truly free society. Maybe if we were to ask ourselves, collectively, which chapter are we on, and answer honestly, humanity might stand a chance of getting out of the mess that we have made for ourselves. (I refer to the economic and environmental mess. I believe that we are doing well in some things and poorly in others. More on that later).

For now, peace and goodnight. Be well, be strong and be free.

Welcome to RTYL

Bienvenidos! Desliza abajo para español.

RoseTintYourLife is a concept of wellness and self-care that I have been nurturing for some time. RTYL is about making everything a bit rosier, about looking at life through “rose-tinted glasses“. That’s where I am going…want to come along? Then keep reading…

Having been in the wellness world for two decades, I have seen enough false positivity and spiritual bypassing to last me a lifetime. Frankly, I have had enough, but I have not given up the faith. Whay? Because I KNOW that normal people, my neighbours, workers, mums and dads, seekers and not-so-much-seekers, we all NEED wellness. We need to learn how to look after ourselves, in BODY MIND AND SOUL. No one, I repeat, no one can care for you as well as you can care for yourself. And secondly, illness, pain and ageing are real. They are going to happen to you no matter what. Isn’t it better to get some self-care tools under your belt beforehand?

I am a deeply practical and honest therapist. I am not into bullshit and you can trust me to actually listen to you and actually make suggestions and give therapies that work for you. Simply, I am into grounded spirituality. I am into realism and optimism, but not necessarily positivism.

Being too positive, you see, is a dangerous proposal. Imagine that being negative is like being a hole and being positive is like being on top of a flagpole. You don’t want to get buried in a hole and suffocated, but nor do you want to fall off your flagpole and break your neck! Time and time again, being on the optimistic side of neutral is the best bet.

So, RoseTintYourLife is about being on the ground, on the middle path, walking with head held high, looking at the stars, but feeling the ground beneath you feet. I am the first one to admit that I love a little craziness, some zing and zest to keep things interesting. But I don’t have to have my head in the clouds in order to be healthy and happy. Honestly, if we are not here to have fun, what’s the point? It is so pleasurable to wake up with energy, to be present in the hear and now and to control the emotions!

So, if you like some bodywork without me reading your chakras, some yoga without me babbling at you in Sanskrit, some guided meditation using sound healing or even a good old chat about habits and food and nutrition (I am a very good teacher), then get in touch. I am waiting for your call! In person here in Altea or online, you won’t regret it. Make time for yourself, look after yourself. Hey, the fact that you got here is already something. Sending hugs…Rachel

RoseTintYourLife significa teñir tu vida de rosa. Es un concepto de bienestar y auto-cuidado que llevo desarrollando hace tiempo. Tiene que ver con cómo miramos la vida, y desde qué óptica. En inglés, existe un refrán “mirar la vida con lentes rosados”. Pues, por ahí voy. Me acompañas? Pues, sigue leyendo…

Dentro del mundillo de “Wellness” ó bienestar durante dos décadas ya, he vista tanta falsa positividad y desvío espiritual que ya no puedo más! Pero, mantengo la fé porque lo sé que a la gente “normal”, los currantes, los padres, los inquietos y los no tan inquietos, a todos nos hace falta un poco de bienestar. Hace falta cuidarse porque, primero, no hay nadie que nos pueda cuidar mejor que uno mismo y, segundo, porque la vida pasa factura y los dolores, enfermedades y la vejez son reales, y te llegarán tarde ó temprano. No te apetece saber como cuidar de tu CUERPO MENTE Y ALMA?

Soy una terapeuta con los píes en el suelo. Confíe que te escucharé de verdad, y te daré consejos y tratamientos que realmente te van bien a ti. Simplemente, me chifla la espiritualidad terrenal. Me gusta el realismo, el optimismo, pero no necesariamente el positivismo.

Imagínate que el negativismo es cómo estar un un hoyo, y el positivismo es como estar encima de una montaña. Pues, no quieres estar enterrado en un hoyo, pero tampoco te apetece caerte de la montaña. No te parece mejor quedarte ahí en el medio, tranquilamente? Pues, a mi sí.

Entonces, RTYL tiene que ver estar en tierra firme, pero mirando las estrellas. Claro que me gusta gozar de la vida. Es justamente una parte del bienestar “tradicional” que más me molesta – la seriedad de todo. Vamos, si no estamos aquí para disfrutar de la vida, que sentido tiene? Estar presente en en aquí y ahora, vivir sin dolor, despertarse con ganas, dominar las emociones, eso es vivir y eso es lo que te puedo ayudar a conseguir.

Ponte en contacto, ya verás. En persona en Altea, ó por internet, invierte en tu mismo, busca la felicidad, ten fé, todo está llegando El hecho que estás aquí significa mucho. Te mando abrazos…Rachel