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Massage Treatments and Therapies

I offer a variety of massage and wellness treatments, including private yoga lessons, from my Altea massage room.

My holistic therapies are focused on self-care, self-respect and stress management. Almost nowhere in life are you allowed to relax. Come to my therapy room and find the space, time and comfort you so dearly need. Relax. Let the oxytocin flow, get those cortisol levels down, come back to yourself.

If you are not in Altea and would like an online consultation, please click here. I can offer yoga, breath work and pranayama online via Zoom, Skype or Messenger.

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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a holistic bodywork treatment. Massage is applied directly to the client’s skin, using a carrier oil and, optionally, essential oils. Towels are draped for comfort and discretion.

Swedish massage lasts 75 minutes.

Zone Massage

Zone massage is like Swedish massage, but does not cover the whole body. If you have a sore neck, feet, or lower back, you may prefer to concentrate your session on this affected area. In that case, zone massage is the one for you!

Zone treatments can last 30, 45 or 60 minutes, depending on the area being treated.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a deeply relaxing treatment. The client disrobes and lies down. Hot stones are placed on the body and left in place, or used to massage. The heat penetrates deeply into the muscles and helps them to relax. Cold stones may also be used in the classic “hot and cold” therapy like your mum might have given you when you hurt yourself as a child.

The hot stones dilate peripheral blood vessels and the cold stones cause them to contract. This probably to stimulate lymphatic and venous micro-circulation, and may help with peripheral blood flow and local inflammation.

Hot stone massage lasts 90 minutes.

Deep Tissue and Fascial Massage

Connective tissue and fascia are found throughout the body. They may be string-like or flat, and they both cover and penetrate within muscles. Connective tissue pain has a pin-like or knife-like quality and is responsible for many of those niggling discomforts that we try to get rid of but cannot. Think things like pain deep in calf muscles, or between the ribs, or on the wrists.

Fascial and deep tissue massage does not necessarily have to hurt, although it is a modality in which some degree of discomfort is expected. Assisted muscle stretching and joint mobilisations are used in this modality, but at the same time very gentle skin movements are used to stretch the fascia in the skin. I worked extensively with fascia using Manual Lymphatic Drainage and have a special sensitivity in this area.

Deep Tissue and Fascial Massage treatments last 75 minutes.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage, MLD, is a medically recognised treatment. It is used to treat swelling, inflammation, lymphedema, sprains, scars (including caesarean), mastitis, migraines, sinusitis and digestive discomfort. I studied MLD in London, Germany and Austria and worked with breast cancer charities for fifteen years. It is safe to say that I am something of an expert!

MLD is extremely gentle, slow and relaxing. You don’t need to have a pathology to experience the joy and healing of MLD. Please get in touch to discuss your needs. Your lymphatic system is in good hands!

MLD treatments can last 60, 75 or 90 minutes, depending on what is being treated.


Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga is the yoga of postures. It is a holistic healing method that helps us to unite body, breath and mind. To read more about my yoga project, please head over to my other web site, Alteayoga.

Yoga may be over 3000 years old. It certainly predated Hinduism, so please do not be put off yoga thinking it could interfere with your established belief system.

In fact, yoga is about perceiving the vital energy inside and around the body. Once we have perceived it, we get a little closer to controlling it. Once we can control it, then the world is our oyster!

I could not believe more in the deep healing power of yoga! I have been practising for 22 years, since 1999, and teaching for 13 years. In that time, I calculate that I have done about 15,000 hours of personal practice. Yoga puts a strong emphasis on dominating the ego, so it is hard to sell myself as a yoga teacher.

But, I know, I am a great teacher, and I have a special gift when it comes to alignment cues and hands-on adjustments. Private yoga classes are by far the best way to learn yoga, and my treatment room is so inviting! Please do get in touch to talk about what you’d like to learn. Namaste, sisters and brothers.

Hatha Yoga classes last 60 or 90 minutes.


Meditation is a more specialised and subtle form of yoga. In yoga tradition, hatha yoga should be mastered before we try meditation. In the modern world, there are many people who want to jump straight into meditation. Well, that’s ok! But, it is nice to be able to meditate without an app (although apps are also useful). For this, you need a qualified and experienced teacher… like me!

Meditation sessions last 30 minutes, or can be combined with hatha yoga.

Breath work and Pranayama

Through my work at SHA Wellness Clinic, and after years of personal study, I have become somewhat of an expert on teaching people to breathe. I am one of the few teachers who will not tell you to “belly breathe”. In fact, there is a far easier and more fun way to learn to breathe. You will have to book in with me in Altea, or request an online consultation as you will not find this anywhere else (well, other than SHA, but my prices are more affordable!) Once I get the Intellectual Property all sorted out, I will unleash it on the world.

Curious? Want to be the first to know? Then book in for a breathing session and prepare to be surprised at just how enjoyable and nourishing correct anatomical breathing is. Aaaaahhh.

Breath work sessions last 60 minutes and have a theoretical and practical component.