#1 post-op care for Snatched Chin: Miraculous MLD

Snatched Chin

MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) is a technique used to help with post-operative care after chin surgery.

MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) is a technique used to help with post-operative care after chin surgery.

The snatched chin is the look everyone is going for. While there are many techniques that promise to help sculpt your jawline, liposuction is a very popular option. “Submental liposuction” involves the removal of fat deposits below the chin.

The snatched chin in the media


“The TikTok hashtag #chinlipo has nearly 60 million views with other young content creators ditching their double chins for good.”

Although the TikTok filters are amazing, and many of the content creators are young, the double chin is prominent, and thus problematic, for some.

The Press

Even the venerable British newspaper “The Guardian” wrote a piece about the trend. Here is the link (opens in a new tab)

‘Snatched jawline’: how the chin became fashion’s new pressure point


It can be hard to see our faces staring back at us, over and over. Some people choose facial procedures to look better on camera. Pamela Madsen, a body-positive woman if there ever was one, wrote in a Facebook post from 2021:

“…but my chin and neck. It didn’t match my insides. And I was confronted with it all the time, as I spend so much time in front of the camera. For about three years I wanted a surgical intervention. And if you have been following along — I am now about 10 days post-op. I don’t feel bad about my neck anymore. In fact, I am having the most glorious reunion with my profile. I can even say that I love my neck.”

Pamela Madsen, Facebook post, August 14, 2021.

Appearance matters, even to those of us who know that what really matters is what’s inside.

The Importance of Aftercare

To get that lifted look, injectable fillers are another option. Which procedure you choose will require different post-operative care. I am not qualified to advise on which procedure is best. What I do know is that post-operative care for chin liposuction is important. MLD is the gold-standard treatment for swelling of all types. Alongside the use of HIVAMAT 200® Deep Oscillation Therapy, scars, inflammation and swelling can be significantly reduced, leading to faster healing and less discomfort.

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Trust me! I promise you this: 7 solid assurances

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Trust is the pillar of the therapeutic relationship. Trust is implicit and part of our code of ethics. After a treatment, I always thank people for “trusting my hands”. The body is what holds it all together – the font of sensorial information, the reservoir of emotion, and the source of much of our sense of personal identity. Here are seven solid assurances that I give you, should you decide to book with me.

I won’t hurt you:

It still surprises me how many people think that massage needs to be painful to be effective. Let me promise you this: my massage is deep but never painful. The art of massage is finding the right degree of pressure for a given area, then working just at the edge between pleasure and pain.

Good pain vs bad pain

Trust me! I promise you this:  7 solid assurances

Different people describe pain differently, depending on language and culture. But, there exists a common feeling that crosses boundaries: there is a kind of pain that feels good. Like pressing a bruise, there is a kind of pressure that eases the ache. Scientists call this the “pain-gate theory“. There is a point at which the Central Nervous System ceases to send/receive more nervous impulses. At this point, there is a dulling of the sensation. A good massage therapist knows this and works with the pain-gate theory to get just the right pressure to be healing without being overwhelming.

I will take the time to interview you and understand your history.

The therapeutic relationship is extremely important. The body is the temple of the spirit/soul (or whatever name you wish to give it). Putting yourself in the hands of an unknown therapist is an act of trust. So, I promise that I will always take the time to ask about injuries, pathologies, recent surgeries, past experiences with bodywork, what kind of sport or activity you do, what fragrances you like and dislike, and anything else that may come up. This is the time that I invest in you, I don’t charge extra for the first session. All of my patients know that I am generous in my booking times, and a good listener.

I won’t chat all the way through the massage.

Again, it seems strange to have to say it, but believe me, there are a lot of therapists who will chat right the way through the massage. Of course, in the context of a healing space, you may want to chat. We can even have a coaching session if you need some help to make a decision or choose a path. In this case, the conversation is centered on you and forms part of the therapy.

At the same time, maybe you simply need a quiet and private space to air your thoughts. The massage room offers this, too. But, I promised you that what I won’t do is fill your hour with chit-chat about my life, what I did at the weekend, my DIY projects, or my car insurance renewal. This list is only partly ironic – I have been talked to about all these sorts of things, and more, when receiving massages. So, promise number 3 – peace and quiet if that’s what you need.

The space is serene and there are few outside noises. Unlike in a busy polyclinic or therapy center, there are no loud voices in the hallway, ringing phones, or strident doorbells.

If appropriate, I will recommend some simple movements to help reduce your pain and help you move more freely.

I am a qualified yoga teacher with a long professional history. The objective of physical therapy must always be rehabilitation and freedom. If you arrive with pain or a compensation-type limitation of range of motion, and I have a safe, therapeutic exercise for you to do at home, I will recommend them.

I won’t rush.

Massage usually last about an hour. It takes at least that long to treat the whole body. When I was training, learning to fit a good treatment into 60 minutes was nearly the greatest challenge!

As an independent therapist, I carefully schedule my bookings so that I don’t have too many back-to-back treatments. This means that I can work peacefully and that you don’t feel hurried after the treatment. This sense of ease helps the mind-body to truly relax and improves the outcome of the treatment.

You will be adequately covered and warm.

Being warm and comfortable during massage is hugely important. The first time I received a massage in Spain, I was very surprised to be left uncovered. In the UK, where I trained, “towelology” or draping was one of the most important aspects. Not only for modesty but also for comfort. I also use an electric blanket during the winter months. I promise you that you won’t be cold or exposed!

I won’t body shame or judge you.

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. My space is a safe place and LGBTQI-friendly.

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Strong massage: 1-10 how much ouch is enough?

Strong massage: no pain, no gain? How much ouch is too much?

Strong massage: how much ouch is too much? One of the greatest misconceptions about massage therapy is: it has to hurt to be effective.

Rose Tint Your Life massage therapy
Oil massage

No pain, no gain? 😥 A great misconception…

Now, a lot of people think “no pain, no gain”. That’s something that is really deeply implanted in our culture. But, actually, I don’t really think that’s effective in the context of massage, even strong massage. That is why it is one of the greatest misconceptions about my art!

The true art of massage

So many times people will say “I like a really strong massage”, but actually what they are saying is “I find it really hard to relax”. This is where the Art of Massage comes in. A truly skilled and experienced therapist will find the line between pleasure and pain and stay there!

When something starts to hurt, you tense up. This a perfectly natural reaction when someone sticks an elbow into the middle of your back! This is counter-productive because the whole point of massage is to help you to relax your muscles.

When we talk about relaxation, it’s not only about chilling out in your mind. We are talking about physically de-contracting your muscles, which means that you are getting the real benefit of massage.

Skeletal muscle is controlled by your motor neurons. Unless you have a pathology (Parkinsons’ Disease, or ALS, for example) or a severe nutritional deficiency (Magnesium, Potassium, etc), the degree to which your muscles are contracted is largely determined by the messages that they are receiving from your central nervous system.

Most modern adults are subject to chronic stress. We tend to overuse caffeine to counteract the lack of rest. Caffeine causes the adrenal glands to secrete adrenaline. Adrenaline causes the heart rate to accelerate and the muscle fibers to contract. When a muscle is chronically tense (think of your poor shoulder muscles…), some of the fibers may lack adequate blood supply causing them to dry out and even atrophy! This means that the muscle is largely unable to de-contract.

The ability to tell your muscles to relax is classic Mind-Body work. In today’s world, it’s almost like a superpower! A skilled massage therapist, using the correct pressure and in the right space, facilitates the relaxation of these poor, tense muscles without causing pain. No pain, no gain? Not always.

On a scale of 1-10, spiritual healing would be a 1. Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage would be a 2, maybe 3 at most. Aromatherapy massage is usually gentle, maybe 4 or 5. Swedish massage sits between 5-7. Deep tissue and fascial massage, both of which are strong massage techniques, would be at the top end of the scale. Hot stone massage can be used to intensify the treatment, especially if the stones are used to massage. However, placement stones bring the intensity of the treatment down as they prepare the tissues for manipulation.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage has four main movements: stroking, rubbing, kneading, and tapping. Any of these can be used with varying degrees of intensity to get the desired result.

What type of massage should I get?

Massage therapy should always be personalized. No two people are the same, so no two treatments will be the same. Even the same person can have different needs depending on the day or what they’ve been doing. In general, if you are a sporty type, I would recommend the fascial and deep tissue massage, maybe even a hot stone massage. If you have a more delicate constitution or have been through a tough time recently, I would recommend a gentle, holistic treatment with aromatherapy and some head, neck, and face massage. There is always enough time to have a chat beforehand so that we can agree on your needs.

Where can I find a strong massage near me?

You’ve come to the right place if you’re in the Altea, Albir, or Benidorm area of Alicante province. My massage therapy studio is conveniently located in the center of beautiful Altea. Altea has lovely shops and restaurants, a gorgeous seafront and good public transport links. There is paid on-street parking, an underground parking garage only a 2-minute walk away and loads of free parking within a five-minute flat walk.

So, get in touch, come along and give it a go! You can use the Whatsapp button in the bottom right corner, of just text me at +34667997532. I offer professional therapeutic massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, and manual lymphatic drainage from my beautiful therapy room in Altea. Whether you are here year-round, or just on a visit, I am sure that you need and deserve to relax, unwind and manage your stress levels. That is what I am here for!

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