4-6: A powerful breathwork technique to enhance the wellness of your mind and body.

Discover powerful breath work techniques to enhance the wellness of your mind and body.
Discover a powerful breathwork technique to enhance the wellness of your mind and body.

Discover a powerful breathwork technique to enhance the wellness of your mind and body. Yoga has numerous pranayâma practices, each with a specific purpose.

Diya Motwani cited one of my favourite breathing techniques in her article “Three Ways to Incorporate Self-care in 2023¨. It is always nice to get a mention in the International Press.

If you want to learn how to use breathwork to take care of both your mind and body, please read on!

4-6 Breathing: A Simple Breathwork Technique

Counting the breath is one of the simplest ways to learn to breathe better. Most people are breathing far too quickly. Breathing too fast puts stress on the heart. The heart wants the blood to be fully oxygenated, and that’s hard to achieve if we are breathing too fast.

Let’s try to slow the breathing down just a little, and see how we feel. Start by closing your eyes and checking in with yourself. A brief body scan can reveal areas where tension is being held, such as the jaw, hands, or hips.

Let’s breathe!

Breathwork technique for mind and body wellness
4-6 Breathwork technique

Sitting comfortably, breathe in through your nose whilst counting 1-2-3-4. Try to make your breath last the whole time.

Then, breathe out through your nose, counting 6-5-4-3-2-1. Again, try to make your breath last the whole time that you’re counting.

Repeat for as long as you can. A nice length of time for breathwork is ten to twelve minutes.

Don’t worry if you notice little pauses after the inhale, or after the exhalation. This is perfectly normal. For this breathwork technique, we are focusing only on the lengths of the inhale and the exhalation.

Mind and Body Wellness

The breath is the bridge between the body and the mind. Most of us would love to be able to tell our thoughts to just STOP. But, we cannot. Nor can we just tell a racing heart to settle down. The breath, however, is under our conscious control. Becoming friends with the breath is the first step to becoming friends with the mind.

Breathing for Longevity

There are so many health buzzwords around these days: inflammation, toxicity, intermittent fasting, mindfulness, and the list goes on. It can be confusing to navigate the world of self-care and wellness. Rest assured, if you feel a bit lost, you’re not alone.

Good breathing, however, would underpin and accompany any diet, exercise, therapy or lifestyle change. Breathing is common to everyone, and it is safe to say that the better you breathe, the better you feel.

If you try this technique, and it feels good, please let me know. I care about the outcome.


New Yoga class! Slow Flow Yoga starting 21 Apr/Abr – delicious, delightful

new yoga class in Altea at Taronja Wellbeing, Cap Negret.  From 21 April 2023.

New Yoga Class in Altea

Are you looking for a fun yet deep yoga practice? Would you like to practice yoga with like-minded people? Well, I think you ought to check out my new yoga class!

What is slow flow?

I teach hatha yoga in a very specific way.  Firstly, following the Viniyoga method, there is almost always a dynamic and a static phase for each posture.  This means you get both the flow of Vinyasa-style yoga and the holds of classical yoga.  

I design my classes with anatomy in mind.  There are four kinds of yoga:  Bhakti (devotion), Raja (intellect), Karma (selfless service), and Hatha (movement).  I am very clearly a hatha yoga teacher and use my deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology to design sequences within sequences all with a clear objective in mind. 

Loosening up the deepest layers, the bits that no one can get to, the parts that hurt but you can’t put your finger on.  Yoga, specifically Viniyoga well-taught, gets to these parts. Feel free to read up on slow-flow yoga here, at my Alteayoga blog.

In my new yoga class, I will introduce sequences that I developed over the past four years whilst working at SHA Wellness Clinic.

Where are the classes?

Yoga Taronja, Altea (Cap Negret)

Taronja Wellbeing is a dedicated yoga and wellness space. Although it is located on the busy N-332 road that goes through Altea, the room is quiet and there is ample parking.

Taronja is very easy to find: Use this Google Maps link. The Hotel Cap Negret is right next door. There is a large public parking lot right opposite the hotel. If you are coming from Altea, it’s a ten-minute walk or even shorter cycle.

When do the classes start?

Starting 21 April 2023

The Spring term will run until it gets too hot and everyone wants to lounge around on the beach or in the shade. So, count on having class at Taronja Wellbeing with me, Rachel Rose, until the end of June.

What time are the classes?


A good yoga sequence should end with pranayâma and meditation. The 1.5-hour format of my new yoga class allows time for postures, breathing, and resting.

What to bring and wear

I recommend a long-line shirt or top. It’s so distracting to have your lower back uncovered! If you have yoga socks, bring them! We have mats, blocks, and bolsters at the center, but you are always welcome to use your own. If you’re likely to get cold towards the end of the practice, bring a sweater or shawl. Water is ok for afterward, but we don’t recommend drinking water during your practice. Bring tissues if you’re having any issues with hay fever.

Is the class in English or Spanish?

I always try my best to deliver my classes in both English and Spanish and this new yoga class will be no different. It is a challenge, but it’s the only way to make the group inclusive and high-vibration! After all, we are all living here in the beautiful Costa Blanca, where polyglot multilingualism is the norm! Yoga classes are a great way to meet like-minded folk, and make friends.

How much do classes cost?

Classes are donation-based. This means that you can pay what you like. I suggest between 5-10€. But, if you are more well-off, then leave more and pay it forward! There are plenty of hard-working people around here who could do with a yoga class, but whose budget might not stretch to it. Inequality is a huge global problem. But, as they say “Think globally, act locally”. I am just a humble yoga teacher. I want my classes to be available to those who need them whilst still being able to put food on my own table. So, a long answer to a short question. Pay what you can, pay it forward.

Any more questions?

If there is anything that I have missed, give me a buzz on the phone number in the photo above 👆 . Whatsapp works too – you’ll see the green icon at the bottom right of this page.

New in March 2023!

Nuevo en marzo 2023!


A new offer, and an upgrade to the website | Una oferta nueva, y una mejora a la web.

New in March 2023 - Body&Breathwork Bundle.  Nuevo en marzo 2023: Pack de masaje y respiración yoguica.

New in March 2023

Body & Breathwork Bundle

Welcome to Spring! Tourist season is just around the corner, so let’s get planning! New in March is the “Body&Breathwork Bundle”. This special bundle starts at only 150€ and comes in different sizes to suit you best.

  • A: 2 massages & 1 breathwork class
  • B: 4 massages & 1 breathwork class
  • C: 4 massages & 2 breathwork classes

If you’re a rental agency, I’m sure your clients ask you for wellness services. Look no further. I am local, reliable, self-employed, and insured, and have over twenty years of experience.

Contact me about special referral plans for real estate and rental agents.

Pack de masaje y respiración yóguica

Bienvenidos a la primavera! La temporada alta se está arrancando. ¡Planificamosla! Nuevo este mes es el Pack de masaje y respiración yoguica. El pack tiene tres formatos distintos, para que se ajuste a sus necesidades. Precios a partir de 150€.

  • A: 2 masajes & 1 clase de respiración
  • B: 4 masaje & 1 clase de respiración
  • C: 4 masajes & 2 clases de respiración

A las agencias de alquileres vacacionales, los clientes les suelen pedir referencias de servicios profesionales Aquí estoy! Vivo aquí todo el año, soy fiable, asegurada y llevo más de 20 años de trabajo continuo en el sector del bienestar.

Contactame para saber más de planes especiales para agencias de inmobiliaria.

Learn more | Saber más

Email me about Body&Breathwork Bundle ||
Mandame un email para saber más del Pack masaje y respiración yóguica

Improvements to the Website

Customer reviews are key!  Everyone knows that.  Also new in March 2023, I added a page where you can read my Google reviews easily, so customers know what they can expect.  

If you’ve been to me for a massage, I have also created a convenient link to allow you to leave me a (hopefully glowing!) review.  

Check out my reviews page here.

Mejorías a la página web

La reseñas de clientes son la clave del éxito!  Todos lo sabemos.  Como tal, he creado un nuevo apartado en mi página web para colgar las reseñas que me dejan en Google.  

Si en algún momento usted ha recibido un masaje en mi consulta, he creado un enlace para que pueda dejarme una reseña (ojalá 5*!) comodamente.

Echa un vistazo a mi página de reseñas.

Also new in March…

I have finally started using MailChimp for my email list. I certainly feel safer subscribing to lists nowadays. Back in the Wild West years of the Internet, sharing your email address was seriously dodgy business. But no more. With the GDPR and opt-in legislation, we are much safer when we sign up. I tend to subscribe to interesting pages if anything only to jog my memory later on. So, please, scroll down and sign up!

Over and out

So, as Spring starts to Spring, let’s hope that YOU also re–> new in March 2023 and find meaning, joy and purpose in everything you do. Sending blessings from here. Así como vamos hacía la primavera, estoy deseando que tú también te renuevas en marzo del 2023 y que encuentres propósito, alegría y senda en todos lo que hagas. Enviando bendiciones desde aquí.

That’s all I have to say for now. Why not sign up for my mailing list, so you don’t miss any of my posts? Or, just leave a comment below, and let’s be neighbors! Ya está por el momento. Apúntate a mi lista de email, y así quedamos en contact y formemos un barrio virtual.


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