El “mentón arrebatado”: tendencia estelar del 2023.

Mentón arrebatado

Consigue un mentón arrebatado con DLM (Drenaje Linfático Manual), una técnica utilizada para ayudar con el cuidado postoperatorio después de la cirugía de mentón.

El mentón arrebatado es el look que todo el mundo busca. Si bien existen muchas técnicas que prometen ayudar a esculpir la línea de la mandíbula, la liposucción es una opción muy popular. La liposucción submentoniana es un procedimiento estético que tiene como objetivo eliminar el exceso de grasa localizada debajo del mentón.

If you’re looking for my snatched chin post in English, here it is.

Drenaje Linfático Manual

¿Qué es un mentón arrebatado?

Un mentón arrebatado es una línea de la mandíbula definida y apretada, sin papada ni tambaleo. Ariana Grande y Bella Hadid son dos celebridades que destacan por sus barbillas perfectamente esculpidas, convirtiéndolas en auténticos íconos de la belleza.

Mentón arrebatado - snatched chin

El mentón arrebatado en los medios de comunicación


El hashtag #chinlipo en TikTok es muy popular, con más de 60 millones de visitas. Muchos jóvenes creadores de contenido están optando por deshacerse de la papada de forma permanente.

Los filtros de TikTok son geniales y muchos jóvenes son creadores de contenido. Sin embargo, la papada puede ser un problema para algunos.

La Prensa

Incluso el venerable periódico británico “The Guardian” escribió un artículo sobre la tendencia. Aquí está el enlace (se abre en una nueva pestaña)

‘Mandíbula arrebatada’: cómo la barbilla se convirtió en el nuevo punto de presión de la moda


Puede ser difícil ver nuestros rostros devolviéndonos la mirada, una y otra vez. Algunas personas eligen procedimientos faciales para verse mejor en cámara. Pamela Madsen, una mujer positiva para el cuerpo si alguna vez hubo una, escribió en una publicación de Facebook de 2021:

 “…pero mi barbilla y mi cuello. No coincidían con mis entrañas. Y me enfrentaba a eso todo el tiempo, ya que paso mucho tiempo frente a la cámara. Durante unos tres años quise una intervención quirúrgica. Y si me han estado siguiendo — Ahora tengo unos 10 días después de la operación. Ya no me siento mal por mi cuello. De hecho, estoy teniendo la reunión más gloriosa con mi perfil. Incluso puedo decir que Amo mi cuello”.

Pamela Madsen, publicación de Facebook, 14 de agosto de 2021.

La apariencia importa, incluso para aquellos de nosotros que sabemos que lo que realmente importa es lo que hay dentro.

La importancia del cuidado posterior

Para obtener ese aspecto levantado, los rellenos inyectables son otra opción. El procedimiento que elija requerirá diferentes cuidados postoperatorios. No estoy calificado para asesorar sobre qué procedimiento es el mejor. Lo que sí sé es que el cuidado postoperatorio de la liposucción de mentón es importante. MLD (drenaje linfático manual) es el tratamiento estándar de oro para la hinchazón de todo tipo. La terapia de oscilación profunda HIVAMAT 200® ayuda a reducir las cicatrices, la inflamación y la hinchazón, facilitando una curación más rápida y menos molestias.

Contáctame para asesoramiento

Contact Rose Tint Your LIfe to make a booking. Contacta conmigo para concertar tu cita de drenaje linfático manual.

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#1 post-op care for Snatched Chin: Miraculous MLD

Snatched Chin

MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) is a technique used to help with post-operative care after chin surgery.

MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) is a technique used to help with post-operative care after chin surgery.

The snatched chin is the look everyone is going for. While there are many techniques that promise to help sculpt your jawline, liposuction is a very popular option. “Submental liposuction” involves the removal of fat deposits below the chin.

The snatched chin in the media


“The TikTok hashtag #chinlipo has nearly 60 million views with other young content creators ditching their double chins for good.”

Although the TikTok filters are amazing, and many of the content creators are young, the double chin is prominent, and thus problematic, for some.

The Press

Even the venerable British newspaper “The Guardian” wrote a piece about the trend. Here is the link (opens in a new tab)

‘Snatched jawline’: how the chin became fashion’s new pressure point


It can be hard to see our faces staring back at us, over and over. Some people choose facial procedures to look better on camera. Pamela Madsen, a body-positive woman if there ever was one, wrote in a Facebook post from 2021:

“…but my chin and neck. It didn’t match my insides. And I was confronted with it all the time, as I spend so much time in front of the camera. For about three years I wanted a surgical intervention. And if you have been following along — I am now about 10 days post-op. I don’t feel bad about my neck anymore. In fact, I am having the most glorious reunion with my profile. I can even say that I love my neck.”

Pamela Madsen, Facebook post, August 14, 2021.

Appearance matters, even to those of us who know that what really matters is what’s inside.

The Importance of Aftercare

To get that lifted look, injectable fillers are another option. Which procedure you choose will require different post-operative care. I am not qualified to advise on which procedure is best. What I do know is that post-operative care for chin liposuction is important. MLD is the gold-standard treatment for swelling of all types. Alongside the use of HIVAMAT 200® Deep Oscillation Therapy, scars, inflammation and swelling can be significantly reduced, leading to faster healing and less discomfort.

Contact me for advice

Please use the WhatsApp button on the bottom right to send me a message. I am happy to help.

New Yoga class! Slow Flow Yoga starting 21 Apr/Abr – delicious, delightful

new yoga class in Altea at Taronja Wellbeing, Cap Negret.  From 21 April 2023.

New Yoga Class in Altea

Are you looking for a fun yet deep yoga practice? Would you like to practice yoga with like-minded people? Well, I think you ought to check out my new yoga class!

What is slow flow?

I teach hatha yoga in a very specific way.  Firstly, following the Viniyoga method, there is almost always a dynamic and a static phase for each posture.  This means you get both the flow of Vinyasa-style yoga and the holds of classical yoga.  

I design my classes with anatomy in mind.  There are four kinds of yoga:  Bhakti (devotion), Raja (intellect), Karma (selfless service), and Hatha (movement).  I am very clearly a hatha yoga teacher and use my deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology to design sequences within sequences all with a clear objective in mind. 

Loosening up the deepest layers, the bits that no one can get to, the parts that hurt but you can’t put your finger on.  Yoga, specifically Viniyoga well-taught, gets to these parts. Feel free to read up on slow-flow yoga here, at my Alteayoga blog.

In my new yoga class, I will introduce sequences that I developed over the past four years whilst working at SHA Wellness Clinic.

Where are the classes?

Yoga Taronja, Altea (Cap Negret)

Taronja Wellbeing is a dedicated yoga and wellness space. Although it is located on the busy N-332 road that goes through Altea, the room is quiet and there is ample parking.

Taronja is very easy to find: Use this Google Maps link. The Hotel Cap Negret is right next door. There is a large public parking lot right opposite the hotel. If you are coming from Altea, it’s a ten-minute walk or even shorter cycle.

When do the classes start?

Starting 21 April 2023

The Spring term will run until it gets too hot and everyone wants to lounge around on the beach or in the shade. So, count on having class at Taronja Wellbeing with me, Rachel Rose, until the end of June.

What time are the classes?


A good yoga sequence should end with pranayâma and meditation. The 1.5-hour format of my new yoga class allows time for postures, breathing, and resting.

What to bring and wear

I recommend a long-line shirt or top. It’s so distracting to have your lower back uncovered! If you have yoga socks, bring them! We have mats, blocks, and bolsters at the center, but you are always welcome to use your own. If you’re likely to get cold towards the end of the practice, bring a sweater or shawl. Water is ok for afterward, but we don’t recommend drinking water during your practice. Bring tissues if you’re having any issues with hay fever.

Is the class in English or Spanish?

I always try my best to deliver my classes in both English and Spanish and this new yoga class will be no different. It is a challenge, but it’s the only way to make the group inclusive and high-vibration! After all, we are all living here in the beautiful Costa Blanca, where polyglot multilingualism is the norm! Yoga classes are a great way to meet like-minded folk, and make friends.

How much do classes cost?

Classes are donation-based. This means that you can pay what you like. I suggest between 5-10€. But, if you are more well-off, then leave more and pay it forward! There are plenty of hard-working people around here who could do with a yoga class, but whose budget might not stretch to it. Inequality is a huge global problem. But, as they say “Think globally, act locally”. I am just a humble yoga teacher. I want my classes to be available to those who need them whilst still being able to put food on my own table. So, a long answer to a short question. Pay what you can, pay it forward.

Any more questions?

If there is anything that I have missed, give me a buzz on the phone number in the photo above 👆 . Whatsapp works too – you’ll see the green icon at the bottom right of this page.